Tuesday, November 25, 2008

is. still. alive. barely.

just realised it's been a really long time since the last post, which is odd considering the frequency of posts that usually spring up amidst examinations. so i decided to remedy the situation. well, it's that time of year again, and one paper's down and done (also failed and past), so moving on, here's an update of what i did today (studying for pers prop)!

it's food! veggies on breadcrumbs, really cool place in tokyo. also very expensive.
aronia de takazawa, go google! also check out ryugin while you're at it.
add to the list of places you'd love to check out but will never go to because 400sgd for a meal is a tad bit too expensive.

le baiser de l'hotel de ville by doisneau

also, we have the ig nobel prizes, the darwin awards, and the stella awards. for the unenlightened, the first is for interesting achievements much akin to the actual nobel prizes, the second for sublimely idiotic self-removal from the gene pool, and the last for really ridiculous lawsuits that waste time. much like this post. and the majority of my day.

so much for studying.

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


i miss lazing around my quiet lake in kingston.
and wandering around the streets in nice weather that doesn't leave me melting
and even preparing my own meals and deciding what to cook
most of all, i miss my madcap travelling
as opposed to studying brainlessly in school right now
(or trying to at least)

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Friday, October 03, 2008

because anything beats studying

yeah i realise it's been an eternity since i last updated, not that anyone checks these days, and i still have two posts (on paris and oia) that have yet to be posted and i strangely suspect, never will see the light of day. so it's a lazy saturday night, and i'm in school reading chinese corporate and securities notes when i should be diving. speaking of which, that's pretty much what i've been up to ever since i got back from europe (with at least 60% of my europe photos still languishing somewhere untouched in my laptop taking up copious amounts of space)

since we're on the topic of diving, here're some photos from my last few trips (most of them are on facebook, and most of them have captions already, so i'm kinda lazy to add them now). if you're really bored, you can try to figure out which are from bali, perhentian, and redang.

sorry for the outburst of photos, but as you can see, i only ever manage to overcome the inertia against updating when fish are involved. speaking of which, i need to dive again soon. or travel. or both, actually.

in other news, transcripts of presidential (or in this case, vice presidential) debates makes for entertaining reading in times of extreme boredom. and i cannot understand why singapore (or the united states for that matter, and half the known world while i'm ranting) does not stock/sell a certain book i'm currently looking for, and it's only available in the uk or australia (but amazingly enough, there's no amazon in australia, and amazon in the uk is out of stock, not that i'd ever pay 10 pounds PLUS shipping for a single book) ah well. back to work.

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

the stories of Oia (part i)

we'll just keep this post simple. i love Oia. Santorini's beautiful. it's a great place to vacation, the people are uber friendly and are absolutely willing to help you and show you around their wonderful island, the cliffs are a marvel to walk, and the seas and skies are a perpetual endless sapphire blue. not to mention the sunrises and sunsets (not the most beautiful ever, but certainly breathtaking, plus you get front row seats everyday). i could wax lyrical about Oia forever, but i'm lazy and it's easier to let my photos do the talking (note: in the midst of travelling right now, so photos are unedited for now)

walking along the streets of Oia on the first night

our amazingly awesome hostel

my first sunrise in Oia

view from outside our room

the streets of Oia by day

me and Oia

random shot of door

even more random shot of donkey

and the madcap scenery shooting begins: we embarked on a 10km hike through the mountains, from Oia to Fira

rented a car, drove back to the port in Oia to catch the sunset (and swim, and seafood)

sunlight off the water

random shot of Oia from the port

first sunset in Oia

the port by night

Oia at night, quiet, tranquil, beautiful

and thus ends the first day in Oia, Santorini

stay tuned for more! when i get bored.

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